Dharma Gates

A Semester of Contemplative Training

Here an an example schedule from one of the monasteries we are working with, Great Vow Zen Monastery. Each stay at a monastery will also include 2-3 intensive retreats in which most of the day consists of meditation and an atmosphere of near silence is mandatory.

Wednesday - Saturday

4:50 Wake-up Bell

5:30 Zazen

6:50 Morning Service

7:30 Temple Caretaking

8:00 Breakfast (Oriyoki) 

9:30 Work period

12:45 Service

1:00        Lunch (Informal)

2:45        Work period

5:20 Service

5:30 Dinner (Informal)

7:30 Zazen

9:20 Closing Chant 

10:00 Closing rounds – Lights out in dorms

Sunday  Schedule

5:50 Wake-up Bell

6:30 Zazen

8:00 Breakfast (Oriyoki)

10:00     Public Program

12:15     Lunch – All residents help with dishes

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